Setup Auto Reply In Windows Live Mail With Tech Assistance

Windows live mail is impressive and have all advanced features to access.It has been designed completely according to the user preference.It has lots of space to store data and have settings to assure security.Even it has all such preferred qualities that users needs in an email but at certain occasions,users may suffer from serious technical bugs.To get help with that,there is need to connect with the support team immediately.For contacting the support team,it is required to dial the help number.

People may have obtained solution to several issues.Here,individual could see the resolution for one:

What is the method to setup auto reply in Windows live mail?

  • First users need to open Notepad
  • It is also required to type the message that users wants to appear in the body of autoresponse
  • From the menu,it is required to choose the option for “File/Save”
  • Under the “Filename”,users are required to type “Vacation auto reply”
  • Also,there is need to make sure that “Text documents” has been selected under Save as Type:.
  • Individual should now tap the option for “Save”
  • Also,there is need to close “Notepad”
  • Users may now choose “Tools”/”Message rules”/”Mail” from the given menu
  • There is now need to go in “Mail Rules” tab
  • However,there is need to tap the button for “New”
  • Ensure Where the To or CC line contains people is chosen under “Select the Conditions for your rule:.”
  • From the section of “Select the Actions for your rule:”, choose “Reply with message”
  • Tap over the contains people link from Rule Description.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Tap the option for “Add”
  • Tap “OK”
  • Tap the message link, from the “Rule Description”
  • Choose “Text” from the “Files of type”
  • It is also required to highlight the “Vacation Auto-Reply” file.
  • Tap “Open”
  • From “Name of the rule:”, enter something like “Vacation Auto-Reply” as well.
  • Choose “OK”
  • Tap “OK” again

There are people who needs further help for the above solved issue,they are required to connect with the Windows live mail technical support team.To contact the support team,it is required to dial the customer service number.

Get online Livemail customer service for Windows Live mail support, you can contact or leave a message on any issue you face in your live mail account & get 24/7 unlimited assistance on your demand.

5 Changes Affecting Workforce Management In 2017

Organisational well-being, the changing and evolving roles of HR personnel and the shift in focus of companies being divided between customers and employees is affecting the way workforce management is conducted.

As per recent developments and predictions by industry leaders, this is all that you can expect to unfold over the next few quarters.

1. Empowering the middle managers

Organisations invest a lot of resources and capital enabling either their top management or their call center agents who actually handle most of the queries that customers come in with. The tier that acts as a liaison between the two, i.e. the middle management go unnoticed.

Organisations are likely to start developing a program driven by quality management software that will solely focus on building a middle management team that will help retain attractive talent. As executives join companies as agents and leave as managers, organisations are looking to retain them and develop their leadership skills further. This holds the potential to be beneficial to the organisation across levels and verticals.

2. Employee engagement

Organisations the world over take drastic measures to attract the best talent and deploy workforce management such that they can drive superior customer engagements, often at the cost of employee experiences, but this is changing.

More and more organisations are getting employee building experiences in a place that are leading to the employees feel more valued in the organisation. Needless to say this is boosting, employee productivity and as a result bettering the service delivered to customers. The shift in focus from customers to employees will become more apparent in the times to come, feels Joyce Maroney, senior director of customer experience and services marketing, Kronos.

3. Human resources to get more resourceful

Instead of employees meeting their human resources team only during a crisis, or the annual appraisal period, employee interactions with HR personnel shall get more strategic and frequent.

Thanks to the increasing adoption of quality management software, there will be an increased number of interactions between HR and employees. Since the software is set to do most of the heavy lifting of human resource functions, HR personnel will act as business partners in driving better business objectives.

4. Data analytics to be a catalyst of change

With workforce management software, employers and HR personnel have an accurate and efficient measurement and analysis of employee engagement, sentiment, and organisational performance. This is helping employers better understand what are the skills needed to build a better team and drive superior business outcomes.

Also, owing to the features and ease-of-use that such technology provides, employees are forthcoming with their views and opinions, which was not the case earlier. Data, more importantly, accurate data is leading to more transparency across organisations. And with IDC predicting that by 2020 1.7 metabytes of new information being created every second, the accuracy is only set to increase.

5. Building teams rather than individuals

Organisations often evaluate the performance of an individual rather than the performance of a team as a whole. However, with things changing, they are realising that the whole is greater than the sum of all its parts.

According to a article, organisations are realising the potential that teamwork presents to further the goals of an organisation better. So, instead of solely focusing on developing the skills of an individual, they are looking to equip the team with a skill set that might result in them performing better and more efficiently.

8 Salesforce Application Development Client On Boarding Features For The Banking Industry

The banking personnel also have to from a long procedure to process any customer request or to provide proper assistance to its customers. Especially the information collection process and the process of accessing the existing information is quite time taken. The technological evolution now has made the banking processes quite fast and even banks are now forced to provide up-to-date information to their clients, for which they have to use a CRM, especially for client on boarding management.

A cloud based CRM, like Salesforce has enabled the banks to manage their client’s information and enabled them to access any product or lead related information easily. Even the bank employees can get the customer insights , expected leads and prospects and information of any opportunity in no time through a technically proficient CRM, like Salesforce.

Salesforce Offerings

Salesforce is one of the widely used CRM by the financial organizations like Banks and there are a number of reasons behind this. The four main reasons due to which banks are preferring Salesforce are listed below:

  1. Configurable and Reliable: As the Salesforce is easily customizable and cloud based platform, so can be suitable for any suitable requirement of the customers. Moreover the complete information is provided related to security and performance issue of any system.
  2. Scalability: However banks do not change their processes and business models quite often, but they may need scalability like feature if they want to expand their reach or customer base. Salesforce can provide the flexibility to banks so the possibility to scale the process of infrastructure can be made quite easier with Salesforce. Even if any sudden change is required in banking process model, then no need may arise to seek the immediate solution, if Salesforce like cloud based CRM is already implemented.
  3. Up-to-date Platform: With Salesforce like software, banks can easily access the updated information of their clients. Like if their client’s financial situation changes at any moment, then Salesforce will automatically update the information and the banks can keep track of that as well. All changes in any customer information is soon reflected on the portal.
  4. Simple Integration: Salesforce can not only be easily integrated with the existing banking system, but also can also provide more visibility to the customer data as well. Client on boarding process can also speed up along with Salesforce and the banks can easily track any change in client’s information.

How to On-board with salesforce?

Salesforce can provide better customer satisfaction and facilitate them better customer experience by increasing satisfaction of its customers. There are a number of features, which can be beneficial for the banks and a few of them are its various types of clouds like Sales cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud and others. A brief of them are:

  1. Marketing Cloud: Marketing is an integrated part for every organization, including banks. Many times banks just ignore their valuable prospects, if the marketing is not done in a proper way. Using Salesforce banks can know, who can be their valuable customers and offer them better service and optimize and set their new goals as well. Centrally located information of the customer can help them to generate the leads and prioritize the customers.
  2. Sales Cloud: Real time information can help the employees in increasing their performance, account insights, charts and intelligence alerts even they can drill into any deal of loan. Even they can route the appropriate application to the appropriate client. Bankers can also update the information of their client at any time and keep track, if any changes occur in the client’s information.
  3. Service Cloud: Live agents can help the banks in providing one-to one support to their customers. The software can keep track the customer information and reduce the burden of banking employees. Moreover the articles, macros and similar cases accessible through service cloud, can enhance the productivity of the employees.
  4. Community Cloud: Banks can make the deeper relationship with their customers at anytime . The interaction with the clients and customers or the banking employees can also be increased. Community cloud can also offer the purchase facility to its customers.
  5. SalesforceEinstein: It is an AI tool or feature of Salesforce, which is capable to predict the future of any client or operation and also provide the opportunity information. IN this way the banks can improve the client’s on-boarding process.
  6. Chatter: Through this feature of Salesforce banks can collaborate with their clients and their accounts. Hashtag feature can also be used in order to share any important information.

Janbask: Janbask can help you in accelerating the process by integrating Salesforce for the organizational operations. You can contact us and we will provide you successful salesforce support services with implementation and guidance for the Salesforce, if you own any bank or financial institution.

5 Computer Issues to Fix Before Taking it For Service

A common feeling with computer problem is that people consider it hard to fix it or to deal it by themselves or are not interested in spending time in fixing even the simplest issues. In fact, it is best to consider fixing your computer issues, before calling for tech support or running to a computer repair shop. Try something; there are simple things that are overlooked. If you get hands on these simple things, you will save dollars in hundreds and also equal amount of frustration.

First, restart your computer. This can be done by pressing the power button. In fact, the truth is that many users have to be taught to restart their computers, so it is not worth overlooking this simple step. Restarting your computer is mandatory at least once prior to scheduling a computer repair.

Second, clear the browsers cache. This has the image of removing key on a keyboard. This is no joke and so clearing the browsers cache is essential as it has the recently visited pages saved to the hard drive of your computer and this may be the real fix. Of course, clearing cache alone does not fix a broken website or problems related to the internet, but it is really helpful. It is easy to clear cache, if you have internet related issue, particularly with certain pages, clear the cache prior to giving your computer for service.

Tip: Most browsers refer it as cache, while the Internet Explorer refers these saved pages as Temporary Internet Files. Clearing cache retrieves new copy and this happens automatically. Clearing cache is recommended even for issues such as 404 or 502 issues.

Third, scan for malware and viruses. Scanning for virus is important. Most problems do not relate to infection. Often virus caused problems may cause sluggishness in the computer; there may be frozen windows, random error messages, and so on. Run a full malware scan.

Fourth, reinstall the program. Computer issues may be software specific and if it happens while using, starting or even while stopping a specific program, consider reinstalling. These problems may make the computer to fall apart, particularly on using an offending program, but it is a simple solution. Reinstalling is about uninstalling it and again installing. Each program removes itself as an automated process and if you believe the problem is software specific, download the program from original installation disc and reinstall it.

Fifth, delete the cookies from your browser. If you are experiencing problems with logging into websites and you come across several error messages, it is time to clear the cookies from the browser. Cookies get created as you visit websites and they ensure easy online experience. Some are created on visiting sites and it will show in the address bar, while some sites such as images or ads that you visit may create cookies.

These are simple steps to resolve computer issues based on their symptoms. These can be done by yourself, before you pay someone for the same computer services.

VR Mobile Crane Simulator Future OF Industrial Training

Virtual Reality: All you need to know!!!

Gone are the days when one had to use remote controllers to play virtual reality games and high graphic videos. The pace at which technology is heading forward is quite flabbergasting!! We are now living in a world where the keypad phones are replaced by the touch screens and now the world demands the flexible and foldable smartphones. This is where technology circumscribes its place over the comfort level of people. The recent thought-provoking innovation in technology is the Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the optimization of software and hardware in such a way that user feels himself in a virtual environment where he can sense realistic images, sounds and have access to a new virtual world. VR has been outlined as a naturalistic and immersive computer simulation of a 3-D world, created with the help of interactive hardware and software combination. A person in the the virtual world is able to interact with surroundings, move around and explore something undiscovered. Virtual Reality tracks user movement just like the way a joystick does and implements the results accordingly.

To enter in a virtual environment, a user utilizes gloves, earphones and a VR system. The whole system synchronizes functions and percept it along with the movement of eyes and facial movements. Immersion is one of the fundamental aspects of Virtual World where the user loses him in a different world which is completely different from the physical one. Tracking and rendering are the keys which enhance the virtual experience and make video games more interactive and entertaining.

How Virtual Reality Works

Virtual reality comprises of the following components which maintain its extra smooth functioning.

  1. Visual Display: This is the screen where a user immerses him in the virtual world. The main perspective behind the thevirtual display is blocking out real world interferences thereby enrich VR user.
  2. Rendering: VR has its own rendering graphic system which maintains fluctuating images at 20-30 frames/second or fps.
  3. Tracking System: This part is used to track user movements and mainly corresponds according to the orientation of the user and his responses.
  4. Basic Construction: This part enhances the virtual world experience and ensures that user is not by the things happening in the real world.
  5. Sound: A sound system is included in the virtual reality set up to produce high-quality sound and feigned sound fields.
  6. Gloves and related apparatus: With the gloves and virtual reality controllers user can interact with virtual objects and optimize them as desired.

Virtual Reality and Future

There’s no doubt that future of virtual reality is bright. The year 2016 proved to be a good time for Virtual Reality to surprise its users with the future technology. People have become aware of what Virtual Reality actually is and how it is affecting the lifestyle of the user. It is quite clear that the coming years 2017 and 2018 would receive an anoverwhelming response from VR users worldwide.

Some fantastic things users can expect in Virtual Reality in coming future are:

1. High-Powered Headsets: Latest VR headsets have entered the market to enrich personal VR experience. Some upcoming VR headsets are:

· Facebook Oculus:

This is also known as Rift and is all set to release in April month. Facebook has always surprised its worldwide users with friendly technical features; we hope the same for its VR users.

· HTC Vive:

This headset is designed by phone maker HTC and the famous Counter Strike Production company “Valve”. Users can expect this VR headset in the month of April.

2. A new generation of games: Companies are developing a large number of VR games and are aimed at taking the gaming technology to the next level. Ubisoft a popular game production company released a game named “Eagle Flight” in which users are synchronized to a different world and fly with eagles. Isn’t that great? You can fly high in the sky with VR and makes all your fiction childhood dreams come true!!

With the advancement of technology at such a faster rate, one can expect tremendous changes in the world of VR. Many entrepreneurs across the world state Virtual Reality as the future of technology and how every workforce will be coordinated with.

Best Networking Apps For Salespeople In 2017

You’re more connected than ever, but the quality of your connections – let’s face it – isn’t great.

Your phone has many contacts, but the details are wrong or outdated.

You have a vast social media presence, but it’s overwhelming managing every account.

You want to share info with others, but you don’t want to share your entire contact file.

And how about that great sales pitch you’ve always wanted to present or test? You want feedback from a qualified and influential audience but aren’t sure where to get it.

Quality data, good communication, and awareness of your product or service are key to your success, and when any of these ingredients is lacking, it’s harder to do what you’ve been trained to do, sell!

Here are some apps that will help get you selling faster:


A problem the app solves: Having lots of contacts, but the data is outdated or inaccurate.

How it works: Automatically update your contact book when someone changes their information, and everyone else’s contact book is updated when you change yours.

Pretty cool!

The next time you move, you won’t have to make so many announcements to everyone that you’ve changed addresses.

The way for Addappt to be effective is when you and others both have the app.


A problem the app solves: Having a vast social media presence but feel overwhelmed managing every account.

How it works: The app allows you to set up a schedule for posts, tweets, and updates for all of your social media accounts, which is more time-effective than sending out messages several times a day!

In addition, you can view all analytics right in once place, so now you won’t have to log in and out of every account just to see the reports.

To communicate with your audience, see their feedback, and view reports in one place makes this an app that’ll help you make better decisions for your sales work!


A problem the app solves: Wanting to share info with others, but not wanting to share your entire contact file.

How it works: This contact sharing app gives you full control over what info you share with others, whether it’s personal or work. Select and unselect what to share.

When you meet someone for the first time, maybe you want to share just your phone number and email address, but you aren’t ready to let them know where you sleep at night.

No worries. Un-check your address!

When you feel more comfortable, you can share those other details!

The recipient is not required to have NameDrop to get your info.

1 Million Cups

A problem the app solves: Wanting to receive feedback from an influential and qualified audience but aren’t sure where to find it.

How it works: The app arranges meetups to connect you with entrepreneurs and like-minded people in your area. These morning meetings over breakfast and coffee are a great way to build relations with people who can help get you to that next level.

Who knows? You just might meet someone who can help you make that next sale!

If you are looking to pitch a product or service and happen to be working for an early-stage startup, 1 Million Cups gives opportunities for you to present your business to an audience of peers, mentors, educators, and advisors.

Driving Healthcare Innovation through Medical Device Design

The Regulatory Environment

As the industry continues to innovate and leverage new technologies, it is also plagued by a stringent and always changing regulatory environment. Healthcare institutions are always looking for ways to improve clinical trials of medical devices, and incorporate breakthrough technologies to meet the growing demands of patients, healthcare practitioners while at the same time meeting device guidelines and regulations. In addition, the increase in mobility, connectivity and portability of monitoring devices, medical device design are seeking to build cost-effective and cutting edge connected services.

Embracing IT Solutions

Healthcare policy reforms and technological advances have converged to drive demand for new and innovative medical devices for hospitals, healthcare institutions, laboratories and governments. However, with growth come significant challenges (and opportunities) – as guidelines and mandates are constantly evolving and changing the way medical devices are launched, IT solutions can help medical device design

  • Efficiently manage compliance issues, as well as customer service and complaint issues.
  • Improve product development and manufacturing processes across key operational functions and meet the demands of an increasingly stringent regulatory environment
  • Minimize cost of product development and research while simultaneously improving time to market
  • Enable superior research and development activities and ensure richer device (and healthcare) outcomes
  • And overcome challenges across clinical development and production, using cutting-edge compliance management tactics, sales and marketing analytics and field service.

Smart Engineering for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

Smart Engineering is the latest wave of engineering processes that’s enabling manufacturers to drive innovation in the product development space:

  • With smart engineering, manufacturers can easily and quickly validate error-prone functionality early in the product development
  • With such validation, manufacturers can significantly reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Automation of tasks can result in massive productivity gains, and proactive risk mitigation can help ensure safe and reliable products.
  • Smart engineering enables robustness of product design that delivers high quality to patients and health care providers at affordable prices
  • Smart data collection through the design stages leads to predictable outcomes in manufacturing.
  • Manufacturers can verify changes much before they are implemented, and build safer products with predictable outcome
  • Smart engineering incorporates model-based development, with embedded hardware and firmware design, integration and test automation.
  • Using medical grade communication technologies and protocols, device manufacturers can build a connected ecosystem
  • Application development and maintenance services help in building Electronic Medical Records as well as Personal Health Records(PHR)
  • Infrastructure management services enable manufacturers to host solutions on the cloud and leverage the benefits of remote management
  • And finally, quality assurance and regulatory services ensure accurate product validation, certification and submission for improved health management

Emerging as Winners

The healthcare industry’s dynamic nature puts continuous pressure on medical device manufacturers to continuously develop products and improve clinical outcomes and patient wellness. Device makers who adapt to industry trends and changes quickly and deliver unparalleled performance with focus on clinical outcomes and reduced support costs are the ones to emerge as winners and become leaders of tomorrow.

Say Hello TO The New Generation With Chatbots

It’s the year 2017. Smartphones are no longer the ‘latest thing’ in the market. Apps are no longer the rage they were before. So, what’s the newest trend, the next ‘big thing’ of the IT industry? Chatbots did you say?

But contrary to popular belief, chatbots are in fact not as new as you might believe them to be. In fact, the first ever chatbot to grace the world was a psychotherapist bot that went by the name Eliza. That was way back in 1967. But the ripples of excitement that Eliza generated soon fizzled out. Why? Because in 1967, the most prominent mode of communication was in fact letters, not messaging apps. You see the predicament? So, poor Eliza never made it all the way to the 21st century.

But fast forward to present times, it would right to say that chatbot platforms are coming back, and that too in a big way. Why? Because this time there are nearly a billion messaging platforms and 2 billion smartphones to support them. This time, the new generation is ready to embrace all the benefits of chatbots that the 1960s couldn’t envisage. And that’s why the new generation will ride on the wave of AI bots:

Chatbots are finally relatable

Think of chatbots, and you think of a boring, monotonic software patch. But what if your AI bot asked you about your day, and at the same time gave you an update of your daily finances. Followed by a smiley face. Too good to be true? But riding the wave of casual conversation has broken the ice between customers & companies, and chatbots have been the biggest propagators of this trend.

Seamless experience for the win

In 2016 alone, mobile digital assistants accounted for nearly $2 billion in sales. Impressive, right? But behind the magic of AI & Machine Learning, chatbots have exploited the space that was just hidden in regular businesses: seamless experience. Chatbots features allow customers to engage, purchase, transact, and give feedback without exiting the chat window. And that too 24/7. Can your local shop keep up with that?

They’re flexible too

From tacos to automobile insurance. From start-ups to large conglomerates. Chatbot platforms work across the length & breadth of the industry. They can adapt to the personalised requirements of almost every business. Scratch almost. They can handle all business verticals. And the best part is that they are extremely cost effective.

Messaging apps everywhere

Lastly, and perhaps the most important; The society has moved towards a form of communication that is fast, seamless, and direct. That’s why text messaging apps are dominating every person’s smartphone. These billions of messaging apps are in fact windows of opportunity for companies to deploy chatbots, without intruding on people’s personal space. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Find The Reliable Computer Consulting Services For Securely Running Business

Today, so many companies are running because of the significant investment in the computer systems which are the lifeblood of a business. For the convenience of the work, you would have installed various applications from workstations to laptop and servers and from software applications to printers and internet connection. If any of these things stop working, the whole process will go a pause that you can not afford even for a minute. So if you want to keep your business running reliably and securely, then you have to seek the help of a leading professional.

There are many service providers available who can resolve the situation but find the trustworthy service can be a tough job. But when it is necessary, you have to make efforts finding the leading and reliable company that could enhance the quality of your performance without any kind of hitches. While searching for the solution, you should keep in mind some essential points which are:

experts should have several years of experience.

The company should have a great reputation.

Find the licensed services to opt for.

The professionals should be dedicated and determined towards their jobs.

Choose one who could ensure to provide the best possible results.

By considering these points you would get to find the most reliable and reputed services which could serve you with expertise and professionalism.

When you hire the computer consultant services, they will provide various benefits to the company like it will increase the answer ability of your organization, enhance the work efficiency and monitoring capability, you will be able to empower the management, and much more. There is a leading company which can avail you with these benefits. They are experts in small and medium-sized business computer consulting and have been continually serving for the several years.

The leading Professional computer consulting company will provide you with the highest quality services that you will enjoy along with the best technology and developments in the industry. They have the top level engineers in their staff who are able to quickly fix the problem so that you can get back to the business. Aside from this, they also work as the Server backup solutions provider who will simply and automatically backup your critical business files and for doing that, they use the secure and redundant Office computer data backup services that are essential to have if you want to eliminate the risk of data loss. The satisfaction of the customers is the highest priority for them. They take pride in serving you, earning, and keeping your business on right track.

Do Businesses With Several Locations Need Disaster Recovery?

Numerous grim statistics that underline the importance of disaster recovery planning have been released over the years. If you’ve ever taken time to comb through the stats – and there are quite a few – you probably walked away with at least one solid impression: Without a disaster recovery plan, small businesses are more likely to go out of business than large businesses following a disaster that destroys the IT system.

Does this mean large Chicago businesses with several locations are more immune to the effects of disasters that throw the IT network into chaos?

No. However, the goal of disaster recovery of often differs among multi location businesses and single location businesses. Below, we look at how small and large businesses differ regarding disaster recovery goals, and what they require to achieve them. In each case, disaster recovery needs can be met by IT security providers in Chicago specializing in disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery: Single Location Businesses

Without a recovery plan, moving past a catastrophe that sends the IT network to the junk heap is especially hard. When the IT system goes down, their data goes down with it. This often results in a series of issues that threaten business continuity, including: unavailability of goods and services, lack of customer service, and marketing plans that no longer have the data they need to succeed.

For small businesses, it’s common for little to no income to be earned while the IT network is restored. This is a primary reason why small businesses close their doors following a catastrophic event that tackles the IT network. To recover quickly (ideally within 72 hours), many small businesses need the four basic resources of a full-fledged recovery plan:

● Offsite data storage

● Temporary alternate business location

● Emergency hardware deployed to the location

● Provision for temporary staff, as needed

If you run a small business in the Windy City, this comprehensive approach is what to look for when evaluating IT security providers in Chicago that offer disaster recovery services.

Disaster Recovery: Multi Location Businesses

Unless all the locations are affected by the same disaster (e.g., a tornado or an earthquake), businesses that have multiple locations are less likely to go out of business for two simple reasons: Revenue is earned from other business locations while the affected location recovers, and large businesses typically have multiple layers of data redundancy. Storing data offsite via IT security providers in Chicago, storing it onsite at business locations, and storing it offsite at an independent data center are common.

A business with several locations may need the four basic provisions of disaster recovery, too. But the aim is generally to get the location up and running again for the sake of earnings.

Think of it this way: If a Walmart location is leveled by a tornado, will the corporation go out business? Almost certainly not. However, unlike small, unincorporated businesses, multi-location corporations must quickly get the affected location up and running again to maintain good faith among shareholders, which is essential for maintaining the value of the company’s stock.


Both single location and multi-location businesses need disaster recovery, but they often need it in different capacities and for different reasons. If your company needs to implement the added business security of a disaster recovery plan, contact a provider of IT solutions in Chicago today. Remember, disaster recovery plans take time to implement, so now is the time to get started.

Interested in having an IT security solutions for your business needs? You can give Stratosphere Networks a call or visit their website.