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Virtual Reality: All you need to know!!!

Gone are the days when one had to use remote controllers to play virtual reality games and high graphic videos. The pace at which technology is heading forward is quite flabbergasting!! We are now living in a world where the keypad phones are replaced by the touch screens and now the world demands the flexible and foldable smartphones. This is where technology circumscribes its place over the comfort level of people. The recent thought-provoking innovation in technology is the Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the optimization of software and hardware in such a way that user feels himself in a virtual environment where he can sense realistic images, sounds and have access to a new virtual world. VR has been outlined as a naturalistic and immersive computer simulation of a 3-D world, created with the help of interactive hardware and software combination. A person in the the virtual world is able to interact with surroundings, move around and explore something undiscovered. Virtual Reality tracks user movement just like the way a joystick does and implements the results accordingly.

To enter in a virtual environment, a user utilizes gloves, earphones and a VR system. The whole system synchronizes functions and percept it along with the movement of eyes and facial movements. Immersion is one of the fundamental aspects of Virtual World where the user loses him in a different world which is completely different from the physical one. Tracking and rendering are the keys which enhance the virtual experience and make video games more interactive and entertaining.

How Virtual Reality Works

Virtual reality comprises of the following components which maintain its extra smooth functioning.

  1. Visual Display: This is the screen where a user immerses him in the virtual world. The main perspective behind the thevirtual display is blocking out real world interferences thereby enrich VR user.
  2. Rendering: VR has its own rendering graphic system which maintains fluctuating images at 20-30 frames/second or fps.
  3. Tracking System: This part is used to track user movements and mainly corresponds according to the orientation of the user and his responses.
  4. Basic Construction: This part enhances the virtual world experience and ensures that user is not by the things happening in the real world.
  5. Sound: A sound system is included in the virtual reality set up to produce high-quality sound and feigned sound fields.
  6. Gloves and related apparatus: With the gloves and virtual reality controllers user can interact with virtual objects and optimize them as desired.

Virtual Reality and Future

There’s no doubt that future of virtual reality is bright. The year 2016 proved to be a good time for Virtual Reality to surprise its users with the future technology. People have become aware of what Virtual Reality actually is and how it is affecting the lifestyle of the user. It is quite clear that the coming years 2017 and 2018 would receive an anoverwhelming response from VR users worldwide.

Some fantastic things users can expect in Virtual Reality in coming future are:

1. High-Powered Headsets: Latest VR headsets have entered the market to enrich personal VR experience. Some upcoming VR headsets are:

· Facebook Oculus:

This is also known as Rift and is all set to release in April month. Facebook has always surprised its worldwide users with friendly technical features; we hope the same for its VR users.

· HTC Vive:

This headset is designed by phone maker HTC and the famous Counter Strike Production company “Valve”. Users can expect this VR headset in the month of April.

2. A new generation of games: Companies are developing a large number of VR games and are aimed at taking the gaming technology to the next level. Ubisoft a popular game production company released a game named “Eagle Flight” in which users are synchronized to a different world and fly with eagles. Isn’t that great? You can fly high in the sky with VR and makes all your fiction childhood dreams come true!!

With the advancement of technology at such a faster rate, one can expect tremendous changes in the world of VR. Many entrepreneurs across the world state Virtual Reality as the future of technology and how every workforce will be coordinated with.